Azure Virtual Desktop Hybrid Working In Manufacturing


Azure Virtual Desktop Hybrid Working In Manufacturing

For manufacturers, keeping on top of their production schedules with hybrid teams is a real challenge.

With material costs ramping up and labor shortages everywhere, the last thing they need is their IT letting down their people. Delays in production impact customer rollout and companies that want to survive in the modern world need to deliver consistently.

Assembling A Great Hybrid Environment

Production teams have to be perfectly in sync to be able to deliver on the promises their businesses make. That synchronization is more difficult when teams are split between the office, their homes, and customer sites. How can a hybrid workforce stay truly connected when they aren’t physically together?

Communicate From Anywhere on Any Device

Cloud solutions, particularly Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), offer teams that aren’t in the same place at the same time the perfect platform on which to communicate. The entire Microsoft stack integrates seamlessly with AVD so no matter where in the world your people are or what device they’re on, they can keep in touch with their teammates.

A Scalable Solution for Any Need

As production cycles ramp up and more computing power is required to support things like complex 3D modeling and working with big data, AVD provides a completely scalable solution that means IT teams have the right amount of resources whenever they need them. This is a great way to stay on top of your overheads and is far more affordable than the ballooning hardware costs associated with local setups.

Create Value

If you only use traditional systems and processes to support hybrid work, you’ll end up with a hybrid configuration that doesn’t create the value it should. As people return to work on different schedules and without the face-to-face interactions they were used to IT teams need to find better ways for them to work and Azure Virtual Desktop provides the answer.

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