Around the Clock Support for All Customers


Around the Clock Support for All Customers

Providing support around the clock can be very difficult for any business.

But here at Intwo, we’ve put our customers at the core of what we do. That’s why we offer 24/7 support!

Our ‘follow-the-sun’ 24/7 global support team – a mixed pool of talented support engineers, planning teams, and technical specialists – are ready to jump on issues as and when they’re reported.

Location isn’t important. It’s time that matters. That’s why we’ve spread our teams over three global Intwo offices and 10 locations in the US, Europe and Asia – so that we can ensure your IT keeps working anytime, anywhere.


Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Creating a reactive ticket (a ticket logged from the customer end) has never been easier. Customers only have to call and create a ticket where they input some basic information and our support teams will act accordingly.

Infrastructure, security, or server issues – it doesn’t matter! Our teams will solve it for you. The support teams will always allocate the right experts to any problem.

From a security standpoint, as well as an experienced operations team, we also have a dedicated security council who upholds some of the strictest possible best practice procedures. Our commitment is to keeping customer data secure and we regularly apply all recommended security updates to the servers we look after.

We also offer all our customers uptime guarantees for infrastructure and application levels as part of our industry-leading SLA. No questions asked!

Diagnoses Made Easy

Working similarly to an emergency room in a hospital, when issues are reported, our support teams assess the urgency and categorize them, which can range from 1 to 4 (1 being critical and four being non-critical).

Prority 1

An example of a Priority 1 (P1) is when all systems are down and nobody can log on or work. All hands on deck! Our teams will provide on-demand support, pulling in the right expertise to resolve the issue 90% within the first hour, and fix the issue entirely in under eight hours.

Priority 2

Your business could have several different applications in one hosted environment. Let’s say one of your reporting tool applications fails, and users can’t access the data points. Our team would treat this type of incident as Priority 2 (P2).

Priority 3

Another scenario could be that you have two to three users having application issues. Maybe these users can’t access the application or login? In this case, our teams will categorize this as Priority 3 (P3).

Priority 4

And finally, a Priority 4 (P4) issue usually entails an individual case such as password resets or individual login errors.

Putting You Back in Control

Our customers also have access to both our self-service portals (Cortex or SPS) or the Intwo portal, giving complete control back to the customer.


The Intwo Portal offers billing and licensing control and grants you complete and easy self-service. You can easily create new customer accounts, order and provision CSP licenses for Microsoft Cloud Solutions, create users, manage billing, find relevant product information and marketing resources, and allow your customers to order additional licenses through the customer panel.

Customization on your platform? Specific requests such as application upgrades, product upgrades or updates on test environments? No problem!

Just talk to our team about your needs, and we’ll recommend the best approach and offer realistic timings – whenever, wherever.


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