Applying A Continuous Improvement Process… To Ourselves!


Applying A Continuous Improvement Process… To Ourselves!

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Here at Intwo, we believe that people make the difference- one of our company slogans is even “People First”!

That’s why we give all of our employees the necessary tools, training, and guidance to help them- not just in their day-to-day work- but to support all of their professional and personal learning ambitions.

By training our employees and empowering them to be true cloud experts, we can proudly stand by our various certificationsaccomplishments, and the great products and services we provide for our customers.


A Flexible Learning Model

At Intwo, training is both individually initiated, and management encouraged. We want people to be motivated for the right reasons and have a range of resources at their disposal.

As a technology business, we’re also keen to encourage knowledge of specific disciplines, such as agile methodology, and certifications which we need to uphold as a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP).

However, we realize everyone learns differently and has different learning needs, so part of our commitment is to encourage individual learning via classes, online modules, and on-the-job training to ensure everyone feels supported on their journey.

We aim to have a flexible approach to our training programs. This means that if an employee needs specific training, they can request it and our HR and management teams can act accordingly. Team managers can (and often do) also take initiative and recommend specific trainings to promote further development.

A Few Examples

There’s no one-size-fits-all training here at Intwo! Here are just a few examples of some of our recent programs:

PowerShell Certifications

PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft and involves a constant learning process. The introductory program needs between 30-40 hours of study, practice, and explanation!

One of our employees approached us to request this training, and now we’re even running two additional PowerShell trainings (basic and advanced) involving several people across the organization.

Azure Fundamentals Masterclasses

Earlier this year, we offered monthly masterclasses, held online and in-person at Microsoft Amsterdam, for prospects and existing customers to learn the fundamentals of Azure. The goal was to set attendees up for success if they wanted a high-level introduction to Azure and to pass Microsoft’s AZ-900 exam. Several Intwo colleagues with non-technical roles also made the choice to join and learn more about the Azure cloud.

Azure Fundamentals Masterclasses

Azure Virtual Desktop Introduction – Internal Webinar

We recently scheduled an internal webinar for colleagues wanting to get up to speed on what’s new in Azure Virtual Desktop.

The session started out with more general topics, which colleagues across the organization could follow, and then dived more into the technical details, citing specifically how we are deploying it for EMEA customers as user cases.

Azure Virtual Desktop Introduction

By recording these sessions and sharing learnings across our organization, you can be assured that, no matter where you touch base with Intwo around the globe, all of our colleagues have the same expert level of trainings and knowledge-share.

Udemy Online Learning Platform

Intwo offers all our employees 24/7 access to Udemy, which hosts over 150,000 courses, 42,000 instructors, and 3.4 million minutes of video content. We encourage all of our employees to use this resource and constantly self-improve, but this is not necessarily limited to learning within their job role. If they want to learn a new language, or even become a reiki master, then that’s fine too! Ultimately, if someone has a passion or enthusiasm to try something new, our aim is to encourage them in the best way possible.

We believe learning and sharing knowledge is an integral part of our company culture, and that it has the most significant impact when it’s actively encouraged. That’s why it is essential to combine learning with daily work using an agile approach in order to build a robust learning culture so we can further provide our customers with a top-notch cloud experience.

As Richard Branson once said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.”


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