Adapting to the New Norm: Supporting Our Customers During Covid-19


Adapting to the New Norm: Supporting Our Customers During Covid-19

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Firstly, we’d like to thank all our customers who have been patient with us over the past seven months.

You’ve been fantastic! That’s why we wanted to take this time to reflect on the changes we had to make to continue to keep serving you, our customers.


Even though we’ve all had to adapt, here at Intwo we continue to drive forward our mission to make cloud technology work for our partners and enterprise customers, and we continue to take on the best people on the market to maintain our unrivaled customer service experience.

Transforming on Account of a Pandemic

Moving organizational workflows from the office to a home environment over a brief period is a tall order for any business. That’s why, at Intwo, we put communication and individual leadership as a core strategy when executing this shift.

Georgiana, a Cloud Support Coordinator who recently joined us in our Amsterdam team, found this extremely valuable. She remarks, “I trained for two weeks in-person, and then lockdown hit us in March. We were all thrown into a work from home environment, which was strange at first, especially considering that I’d just started.

“Everyone seemed uneasy to begin with, but we all started to see the real benefits as time went on. As we’re a cloud-operating business, our systems were pretty much ready to go, with the only change being redirecting the phone lines. Everything else was logged using the Intwo ticketing system and emails – very intuitive and easy.”

Apart from hiring additional Cloud Support Coordinators like Georgiana, we’ve also taken on more senior staff who regularly check in with our teams and clients as well. This is important for us as we didn’t want our staff or customers to feel they didn’t have the right support during these uncertain times.

Spend More Time Communicating

Communication and transparency remain some our core corporate values. We continuously think about translating and communicating the cloud’s possibilities and complexity clearly and transparently.

Spend More Time Communicating

Today, around 10% of staff based in Amsterdam have transitioned back to the office part-time. We continue to speak to our customers and clients either on the phone, online, or face-to-face. However, we’re also very confident that if COVID-19 infections rise again, then we have laid the right foundations to continue to serve our customers around the globe.

Being Open and Honest

We’re committed to having open, honest, and frank conversations with our customers, just as if they were part of our family. We believe that effective, successful, and sustainable customer relationships are built on integrity and trust. We continuously seek the dialogue to understand your current and future business needs and how we can service those needs.

If there are ever any issues, we never hide away from them. We confront every problem with the right response and, hopefully, the right solution. That’s our promise!


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