A Day in the Life of an Intwo Customer Success Manager


A Day in the Life of an Intwo Customer Success Manager

As you can imagine, the Intwo Customer Success team has all sorts of responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. We are always searching for ways to improve efficiency and processes.

  • Being up to speed with what the customers are doing along with making improvements. ✔️
  • Being responsible for onboarding new customers and providing support when necessary. ✔️
  • Being accountable for ensuring that our customers have a great experience, and we deliver on our contractual promises. ✔️

Any given day could be different as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) but here’s what a typical day might look like:

9:00-9:15: Review Tasks for the Day and Plan a Schedule

Usually, the day starts by reviewing schedules and prioritizing the day’s tasks. Continuously checking and being up to speed with what the customers are doing puts us in good stead to help make strategic recommendations.

That’s why we focus on creating Service Level Reports, applying feedback, and making suggestions for improvements.

With so many different accounts to manage on a given day, we will review our priorities. We may also have to deal with unexpected issues, but even though some curveballs are expected, it’s still essential for us to create a plan for the day.

9:15-9:30: Daily Huddle With the Teams

As the CSMs’ role is about people and care, it’s imperative that we remain motivated and aligned.

We might be in contact with dozens of different customers or internal teams – like the Service Desk or Engineering teams – navigating different requests.

We are also closely involved in the billing cycle, so if any issues occur, CSMs work closely with Finance to resolve this. If, for example, customers are not using half the products or applications in their contract, then our team would make recommendations for improvements and cost saving measures for the customer.

9:30-10:00 Repond to Emails and Prior Support Tickets

In most cases, the Service Desk team would pick up the day-to-day support tickets raised by customers. But in circumstances that would be deemed an urgent or top priority request, the Customer Success Managers also step in.

We help define if the request is realistic and presents any security risk – as well as if we can do essential tests. Offering this additional layer of support and experience helps resolve any issues faster and more effectively.

Support Tickets

10:00-11:30: New Customer Onboarding Calls and Preparation Work

A positive onboarding experience confirms that our customers have made the right choice and trust us, so that’s why CSMs take as much time as the customer requires.

Ensuring that all of our customers have the right access to our portals to provision licenses, raise tickets, and report issues is part of the job too. We will also guide customers through processes with demonstrations on how to submit tickets and report urgent issues at any time of the day.

Most CSMs will also onboard other customers – such as resellers and indirect customers – to show them how to create orders, sign-up, register new customers and tenants, and review or generate invoices using products such as the Azure Calculator. Our team would prep the customer portal in advance before any demonstrations, which usually last around one hour.

11:30-12:30 Check In With Customer Teams and Co-Workers

Before delving into the afternoon’s work, we check in with our customer to fill them in on what we’ve done and our goals for the rest of the day. Every customer success manager likes to be transparent with their customers and schedule regular check-ins.

12:30-13:00: Lunch

After a busy morning, CSMs enjoy their lunch.

13:00-16:00: Handle Customer Support Communications Across Multiple Channels

In the unfortunate event that one of our customers decides to leave, then it’s our job to help them navigate this.

Typically speaking, customers will have to serve a notice period detailed in their contracts, and we will help customers through this transitional period. Our team would run through our additional support options and price proposals for off-boarding customers whilst collaborating with general operations.

16:00-17:00: Internal Reporting

Our team offers internal reporting options with our own CSM dashboard to update each customer’s status.

We also document visit reports and prepare review meetings, where we review the customers’ data to see what’s going well, what should be improved, and if we need to make a service improvement plan.

We are always thinking about our customers’ best interests! That’s why our team also works proactively; generating tickets for engineers to check specific machines or service patterns for future improvements.

We regularly take feedback and develop strategic planning sessions for our customers which helps them maximize their cloud potential. We do this by holding monthly service meetings with our Managed Services customers and by discussing improvements (proactive and reactive) after analyzing the Service Level Report. These tasks usually need following up internally and externally, so we jump into action to make sure our customers are taken care of.

With so many different responsibilities, every day is unique. But all CSMs can go to work expecting to be challenged and stimulated – at least that’s the case here at Intwo!


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