Unforgettable experiences to their employees, suppliers, and guests with Dynamics 365

The future Vision: MEININGER Hotels' IT evolution.

The MEININGER Hotel Group, a key-player in the hybrid hotel sector headquartered in Germany, spans 11 European countries. With nearly 1,100 dedicated employees, MEININGER has redefined accommodation by seamlessly blending hotel service and comfort with the relaxed affordability of a hostel.

Expanding impressively, the company aims to extend its presence in both existing and new countries. Recognizing the need for continuous improvement, MEININGER Hotels has embarked on an IT transformation, leveraging the latest cloud business applications.

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

At the core of this transformation is the decision to shift from Microsoft Dynamics AX2012R3 to the latest Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. More than a routine IT update, this move strategically propels MEININGER Hotels into an era of efficiency and innovation. Dynamics 365 allows seamless technology scaling with business growth, ensuring intuitive and intelligent ERP for MEININGER.


Intwo is playing a pivotal role in the modernization of our technology and business landscape, and the upgrade to Dynamics 365 is central to that strong effort. I believe Dynamics 365 is a future-proof platform for MEININGER Hotels, with continuous updates of functionality, predictive and generative AI capability, and technological scale, based on Microsoft’s hyperscale platform abilities. Intwo is also engaging with us in a structured manner to continuously improve our automation; this is achieved by bringing a design-thinking mindset, best practices, and most importantly, proactively consulting us about the latest in Dynamics365 to ensure that we succeed together.

Rick Medford, Vice President Change Management & Technology, MEININGER Hotels

Boosting operational efficiency

The primary goal of this upgrade is to enhance operational efficiency across all business facets. By migrating to Dynamics 365, MEININGER aims to streamline financial processes, optimize procurement, and elevate employee engagement and HR operations. This not only improves internal operations but also fosters improved supplier collaboration and a seamless guest experience.

The foundation for future growth

The company’s commitment to this IT transformation is about preparing for a future of even greater expansion. As they grow rapidly, both in existing markets and new countries, a robust IT infrastructure becomes paramount. Dynamics 365 serves as the foundation for MEININGER Hotels to build and scale operations efficiently, leading to improved processes and automation, along with enhanced analytics and predictive capabilities through Dynamics 365 Co-pilot.

Revamping integrations & elevating guest experiences

Beyond system upgrades, MEININGER focuses on redeveloping integrations with third-party solutions and making strategic enhancements. This holistic approach ensures elevated experiences for every employee, supplier, and guest.

A guest-centric approach

Central to MEININGER Hotels’ vision is a commitment to guests. The IT transformation isn’t just about back-end systems; it’s about ensuring every guest enjoys a seamless, convenient, and memorable stay. From booking to check-out, MEININGER Hotels is determined to create exceptional experiences, where an efficient back office plays a crucial role in delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Innovation & adaptability

In the dynamic hospitality industry, innovation and adaptability are key. MEININGER Hotels views its IT transformation as an opportunity to stay at the forefront of the market. By embracing cutting-edge technology and modernizing systems, they position themselves for sustained success.

The role of Intwo

As a Microsoft implementation partner, Intwo plays a vital role in guiding MEININGER Hotels through their IT transformation:

Strategic planning & expertise

Intwo brings extensive experience in Microsoft solutions, closely working with MEININGER Hotels to plan the upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX2012R3 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This partnership ensures a seamless transition aligned with Meininger’s goals.


We truly believe that we have a partnership equation with MEININGER Hotels, and that is the bedrock of our joint success so far. We are excited to engage and unwrap the different initiatives that can help MEININGER Hotels realize business value through the deployment of cloud technology. The Dynamics 365 upgrade is a foundational step in helping us move forward towards further improvement of business process automation across the business landscape at MEININGER Hotels, across countries and departments. We are now looking at various improvement areas such as supply chain, project management, and analytics to help take MEININGER Hotels into a successful future.

Anilesh Kumar, MD MEIA & Global EVP Business Applications, Intwo


Streamlining operations

Understanding the core focus on efficiency, Intwo collaborates with MEININGER Hotels to optimize financial processes, procurement procedures, and human resources management within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, enhancing productivity and reducing operational complexities.

Enhancing integration

Intwo focuses not only on the Dynamics 365 upgrade but also on the broader IT landscape, revamping integrations with third-party systems to ensure seamless data flow and effective leverage of existing solutions.

Scalability & adaptability

In a rapidly evolving industry, Intwo architects the IT solution with scalability in mind, allowing MEININGER to expand operations effortlessly. This adaptability ensures MEININGER remains at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

A partnership for success

The collaboration between MEININGER Hotels and Intwo is more than a client-vendor relationship; it’s a true partnership founded on innovation. Together, they embrace the latest technology, shaping the future of business processes and performance at MEININGER. Combining Meininger’s vision with Intwo’s technical prowess, they are poised for remarkable success.


As MEININGER Hotels embarks on this transformative journey, they do so with Intwo by their side—a partner that shares their passion for excellence, efficiency, and innovation. With Intwo’s support, MEININGER Hotels is well on its way to delivering even more exceptional and unforgettable experiences to their employees, suppliers, and guests.

The future of MEININGER Hotels is bright, holding exciting possibilities for both the company and its guests.


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