Enhances Business Efficiencies with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Enhances business efficiencies with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In pursuit of enhanced integration of processes and business efficiencies, SPC Heat Pipes Industries undertook the deployment of a cloud based digital solution, for several of their internal processes.

The company adopted InTWO’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, resulting in enhanced data driven insights and improved operational flexibility.

With the growing demand for HVAC systems – such as large scale dehumidifiers, passive energy recovery systems, and other related technologies designed to reduce the energy footprint of built structures – the specialized heat pipes market has also experienced growth in the last three decades. In the Middle East, which experiences high day time temperatures for most of the year, environment control systems play a particularly important part in maintaining comfortable living conditions. Increasing the energy efficiency of such systems involves considerable cost, but also enables several operational advantages. SPC Heat Pipes Industries has been a leading provider of these solutions in the region.

SPC Heat Pipes Industries’ product range includes dehumidifiers, heat pipes, energy recovery ventilator units, UV sterilizers and Heat Recovery Wheels. The company has provided these solutions to more than 5000 projects in the region. Prestigious developments, that the company has been involved in, include the Opera House and Nikki Beach hotel in Dubai, and King Saud Medical City and Princess Noora University in Saudi Arabia. Further afield, SPC’s products are being used at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and Tata Hospital in Kolkata, as well as One Peking and Polar Adventure Ocean Park in Hong Kong.


Our previous systems for cost calculation were time-consuming and involved considerable manual intervention. By upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365, SPC has added the flexibility to be able to automate this process and integrate it with our CRM solution. Our previously deployed on-premises solution had limitations that have been overcome by the mobile accessibility, low capital expenditure, and shorter implementation time of the cloud-based solution. SPC is now able to operate a far more integrated system, which allows our teams to interact and collaborate from multiple locations, with ease.

says Sam Mathew, Software Solution Manager, SPC Heat Pipes Industries.

Identifying opportunities for efficiency enhancements and the solutions required to achieve this goal


Technology-driven efficiencies are currently one of the most effective enablers of business growth and, as a forward-looking business, we at SPC were keen on adopting the latest tools to enhance our operations. As a company, our initial focus was on identifying systems that could be upgraded to more effective technologies, in order to achieve higher capacities and greater process control.

says Sudeep Sethi, General Manager, SPC Heat Pipes Industries.

SPC Heat Pipes Industries wanted to leverage the advantages of a cloud-based solution, to streamline their operations and lower infrastructure costs.  After in-depth assessment and market research, the company’s software solutions team recommended an upgrade from Dynamics 2011 to Dynamics 365. Deploying a cloud-compatible solution has greatly empowered their customer-facing and sales teams, through reduced response times and more flexible operations.

Business goals for the upgrade and making the decision to partner with Intwo

SPC Heat Pipes Industries operates in a highly competitive and dynamic industry that is influenced by several commercial and technology driven trends. The key requirements, that they put forward, were the ability to be more agile and to make data driven decisions. In order to achieve the integration of data sets with their processes and management, Intwo identified the need to maintain a central repository for sales data, to assist in informed forecasts of trends. In order for it to be effective, the solution needed to be easily accessible to all stakeholders. It was also required to integrate well with the company’s CRM system and deliver outcomes that incorporated customer feedback. At the same time, the system needed to reconcile this ease of access and integration with impregnable data security and integrity. Lastly, in addition to aligning operations with data-driven insights and efficiencies, SPC Heat Pipes Industries was looking to incorporate effective tools to liaise and communicate with their customers efficiently.

After an exhaustive evaluation, during which SPC isolated and comparatively studied a few different quotations and services on offer, the company selected Intwo as their tech partner in this journey of digital transformation. SPC Heat Pipes Industries cites Intwo’s reputation for successful deployments in the region – across a variety of industries, project types and desired outcomes – as the main reason for its decision.


Our initial selection of Intwo, as a technology partner, was based on the merits of the solution being offered and the competitive pricing. Following our experience, in working on the project with Intwo, I can assert that their team’s reputation for a client-friendly approach is also well deserved. Not only was their involvement hands-on, often times Intwo exceeded our expectations in terms of their engagement and commitment to the project.

Sam Mathew, Software Solutions Manager

Once Intwo had comprehensively defined the advantages of Dynamics 365’s highly flexible features and intuitive interface offers, SPC Heat Pipes Industries was able to identify Microsoft – in partnership with Intwo – as the most appropriate solution provider for their needs.


In Intwo, we found a tech partner able to optimize the capabilities of the MS Dynamics 365 solution to our requirements. A technology upgrade of this nature requires considerable attention to detail and a deep understanding of process efficiencies. Intwo was able to deliver on these exacting requirements and minimize any disruptions during the process of the upgrade.” he added.

Key landmarks during the upgrade and post implementation experience

The successful integration of the SPC Heat Pipes Industries’ custom engineering selection tool with Dynamics 365 CRM was a critical component for the success of the entire upgrade. The migration of SPC Heat Pipes Industries’ legacy data, to the new CRM solution, was also challenging and proved to be an extremely time-consuming and tedious undertaking. Not only was the data very extensive, it also needed to be organized and contextualized, in order for the new solution to be able to create an optimal impact. In order to facilitate these demanding requirements, the Intwo team provided SPC with extensive support at every step of the upgrade, as well as after the project went live.


Apart from their relevant industry experience, Intwo was also able to tailor their services to our specific requirements. They offered the flexibility we were looking for, in addressing our need for the project to be delivered fast and with a professional approach.

Sam Mathew, Software Solutions Manager

It’s now about a year since SPC Heat Pipes Industries began using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Following the initial implementation, SPC Heat Pipes Industries has benefited from several process improvements, especially in terms of significantly reduced sales response times, enhanced customer engagement, and more empowered product selections, from the customer’s point of view.


Our experience during this successful upgrade has encouraged us to pursue more process enhancements and we are now planning to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 in other contexts, within our organization, as well. At this stage, our partnership with Microsoft and Intwo has been very satisfactory and gratifying. We expect the results of our partnership with them to continue to positively impact our business and its future prospects,” concludes Sethi.

About SPC Heat Pipes Trading LLC

SPC is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of heating and cooling equipment. Established in 1979 in the UK, SPC has diversified its product range to include dehumidifiers, water heat pipes, energy ventilator units and UV sterilizers.


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