Maximizes security and guarantees business continuity


Maximizes security and guarantees business continuity.

Currently, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur daily; for this reason, increasing security levels has become one of the priorities of all companies, regardless of their size or industry.

Our client, Luma Energy, the leading energy company in Puerto Rico, wanted to achieve better control, compliance, and governance of their 5,000 desktops and servers to ensure the proper management of their devices while minimizing the likelihood of cyber-attacks.

Luma knows that Security is not an option but a necessity since they know the consequences that an attack can cause. If a company like Luma suffered a cyberattack, it would affect the essential services offered to roughly 1,500,000 customers while having an economic impact that would cause millions in losses.

Luma has been developing digital transformation to increase its company’s resiliency. For this reason, they obtained our managed Cloud Concierge service, where Intwo has designed, migrated, and operated the entire cloud solution in Azure 24×7, where the most critical applications for the business reside, such as MiLUMA. MiLUMA is a portal Luma uses to serve over 500,000 customers. Even so, they had the concern and the need to increase security and compliance.

Thanks to their excellent relationship with our team of experts, we developed a bulletproof solution to offer them peace of mind. We devised a plan and deployed agents in all servers and endpoints to have better visibility and control of the patching task.

We offered Intwo’s Endpoint Security & Compliance Patch Management solution for 5,000 devices on top of our existing Azure Managed Services (Cloud Concierge).


At LUMA Energy, we are responsible for mission-critical power distribution in Puerto Rico. ​ Since our cloud adoption journey began, Intwo has been a key and strategic partner for our operations. Their service has been proactive and efficient.

Ariel E. Rodríguez, IT OT Infrastructure Manager​

Through this solution, we protect all of Luma’s end-user devices, including laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices. We offered 24/7 active monitoring and controlling endpoint behavior and connections. With this solution, we guarantee the proper use of the devices by minimizing the risk of an attack.

Now our customer can focus its forces on offering the best service to its customers because our security experts are in charge of their systems.

We use three of Microsoft’s most powerful cybersecurity platforms, which will let us take preventive and remedial action the instant that malicious activity has been identified in your organization.

Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to ensure your systems’ effective and safe operation.


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