Events live on with VBO Tickets


Events live on with VBO Tickets.

At a time when the live events’ industry is facing unprecedented challenges, Silicon Valley-based VBO Tickets has provided a lifeline.

Through a feature-rich ticketing platform to support live and virtual events – backed by Intwo, a global leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) and cloud specialist.

When a world famous artist or performer goes on tour, venues lucky enough to host them count on volume ticket sales. Multiply live and streamed events across numerous venues, genres, and time zones and you have the makings of success – as long as server capacity and processing systems can keep up.

To ensure that any such demand challenges are met with a 24/7 global solution, backed by a hugely successful business model, VBO Tickets offers a feature-rich ticketing platform designed to help organizations of all sizes search for solutions.

The San Jose company, formed in 2012, has focused its efforts on providing the events’ industry with a robust all-in-one ticketing solution – providing powerful tools to create, manage, and sell events from virtually anywhere.

Working directly with performing arts, education, sports, museums, festivals, comedy clubs and more, VBO Tickets provides a white-label solution that seamlessly integrates with any client website.

Meeting the challenges thrown down by the COVID-19 pandemic, the live events industry has been supported by a number of added features from VBO Tickets including Timed Ticketing with social distancing tools and Video Streaming for live and on-demand plug-in technology enabling monetization of video content.

With VBO Tickets, promoters can easily create events, set up a payment gateway, add tickets, market their event, view reports, and communicate with their customers.

Interestingly, VBO Tickets, has itself undertaken a voyage of discovery – working through a menu of functionality, cost and benefit. Rewind and we can establish how this venue ticketing business has navigated its way to become an innovator and leader in a highly competitive and dynamic global market.

Rock around the clock

Initially, VBO Tickets, built on .NET and a SQL database, was operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS). But given the high cost and fluctuating demands on the growing database, the tech team, under the direction of David Boehme, VBO’s Co-Founder, started investigating alternatives.

During the research phase, David explored using Microsoft Azure, a more affordable alternative which had some attractive, scalable options built into the package. It felt like a no-brainer at the time, so they decided to run with this.

A couple of months later, the team cast the net out for a service partner to support customers round-the-clock. Due to the nature of online, on-demand events, it was imperative for the business that they had a 24/7 solution and that’s why they asked Intwo for advice.

Getting it over the finish line

Online ticketing for events can put an enormous strain on servers at certain times of the day. Say, for example, a live performing arts event taking place in Germany goes online on Saturday morning. If no-one notified VBO Tickets about this event, then no provisions will have been made to increase the database’s capacity to account for the sudden surge in ticket sales.

As VBO Tickets works with a variety of ticket vendors, millions of ticket sales could be working their way through the servers at any given time. This is the number one issue when it comes to the database: balancing demand with storage capacity.

Having Intwo on hand is a huge plus for VBO Tickets. If extra capacity is required for an event or festival, VBO Tickets just raises a priority ticket, and Intwo takes care of it.

Being PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant along with SOC, ISAE/SSAE is so essential these days, but managing it is a different story. That’s why VBO Tickets turned to Intwo. Not only are they able to offer high availability guarantees, they can also create proper backup policies, set up around the clock monitoring services, and ensure that all of the necessary industry certifications and regulations are ready to go.

Why Intwo?

As Intwo is well-known for their expertise and extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure, they worked in close collaboration with David and his team over this transition period which lasted for around six months to help transition from AWS to Microsoft Azure.


When we require anything such as new SSLs, new machines, or extra capacity, we just want to be able to call someone like Intwo and know it will be dealt with. We needed someone who knew Azure inside out, and over the past couple of years we’ve been very happy with the service level that Intwo has provided. For a medium-sized SaaS enterprise like ours, the Intwo offering is perfect

David Boehme, Co-Founder, VBO Tickets

David could see the real value in Intwo, especially in situations where they needed a team ready to address server issues as and when they appeared.

And the result? Apart from on-demand scalability, VBO Tickets can rest assured that there won’t be any (hypothetical) disgruntled fans hunting down their server teams!


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