Works in an Integrated Way Across Its Different Disciplines and Countries


Works in an integrated way across its different disciplines and countries.

Corporate cultures are changing – and with them so are attitudes to IT.

But for many companies, driving transformation is no easy task – especially for multinational businesses with different divisions using similar, but ultimately separate IT systems.

Alignment is a challenge – which is exactly what Bosch Building Technologies was up against as it continued expanding internationally. But realizing the issues they faced, they brought in Intwo to help them chart an appropriate path to the cloud.

About Bosch

Bosch Building Technologies is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems. Active in over sixteen countries, Bosch offers solutions and services for building security, energy efficiency, and building automation.

Bosch’s product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection, and voice evacuation systems, as well as access control and management systems which are manufactured across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

However, Bosch’s IT infrastructure across these different nations lacked consistency; some were self-hosted on-premises, while others were cloud-based. Consistency and integration were needed – fast.

Moving to the cloud

With Bosch’s growing demands across the globe, it was time to reset. Bosch needed to move to the cloud as fast as possible and began exploring all possible options to make this happen. Flexibility and functionality were key drivers in measuring success, mainly because rollout would impact more than 2,000 employees across 16 countries.

Bosch teamed up with Intwo, part of construction-focused IT specialist, RIB Software, to help integrate the cloud infrastructure and apply consistent processes across all countries. Having a unified approach where each system was connected entirely and synced together was a huge motivating ambition for Bosch.

In the field of construction, there are so many moving parts – such as business partner management systems, material catalogues, contracts, invoices, CAD drawings, project workflows, schedules, and deliveries to contend with. All are recorded in different ways, using different systems.

After a lot of research, questionnaires, and conversations with key stakeholders across Bosch, they ultimately chose the iTWO solution Managed by Intwo as its base system.

What is iTWO?

iTWO is the only end-to-end 5D enterprise solution on the market. Using Big Data technology, iTWO also integrates business and construction processes, allowing buildings to be designed virtually before physical construction begins.

iTWO is the core of construction operations. For example, if you have a logistics planning system, this would be supported by iTWO. The same goes for all other systems such as accounting software, project management software and so on.

iTWO enables the synchronization of construction models, costs and timetables and the simulation of alternatives faster and more precisely than ever before, so that the project can be optimized to improve execution and profitability.

The Process

Previously, Bosch would work with an external consultant to carry out on-premises installations of infrastructure. Anytime there was a system update, the whole system needed to be updated which could cost the business hundreds of thousands of euros per year.

Intwo was able to remove this from the equation. Intwo and Bosch agreed to start their cloud journey with one market – the Netherlands. The project kicked off in July 2019 and went live in summer of 2020 without any issues.

While the pandemic did delay things somewhat – because on-site training had to be carried out virtually – this didn’t impede progress. Overall, the proof of concept was a success, and now Bosch and Intwo will be rolling this new system out country by country— with Germany next in line for 2022.

The Results

Intwo has enabled Bosch to work in an integrated way across its different disciplines and countries. Bosch can finally focus on users’ needs whilst connecting different servers and ensuring that every user has the information they need.

With the team growing globally year by year, Bosch needed to have a solution that could scale seamlessly and quickly. Thanks to Intwo, scaling iTWO as a one size fits all model (with a few tweaks to accommodate each local market) has helped Bosch integrate its processes so that there is now a unified approach to their internal communications.



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